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G&M Radiator is currently the only manufacturer in the UK and Europe who can produce Covrad style OE specification cores

This specification is the only one to be approved by the engine manufacturers including Rolls Royce, Perkins, Cummins, MTU where a Covrad cooling pack is fitted and original specification cores should always be used when refurbishing the engine cooling system.
Covrad Cores | Covrad OE Specification

Covrad product manufacturing
OE Specification Covrad Cores

OE Specification

Covrad Heat Transfer Ltd UKCovrad OE specification After the closure of Covrad Heat Transfer Ltd UK, the core manufacturing equipment was transferred to G&M Radiator's manufacturing facility in Glasgow, and subsequently overhauled by the OE manufacturer.

This equipment enables G&M to produce a variety of Covrad fin patterns for jacket water radiators and charge air coolers, all in Covrad OE specification.
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Improved Longevity

We have also developed a method of dipping the header plate and first 80mm of tubes and fins in high temperature solder for use in Charge Air radiators

Several Perkins engines with Covrad cooling systems fitted have very high charge air inlet temperatures. This means that even if the tube plate is dipped in high temp solder the extreme heat can travel down the first part of the core which can weaken the bond between the tube and fin, compromising the strength and longevity of the core.

Covrad product manufacturing

G&M Radiator have no affiliation or connection with Covrad Heat Transfer or API Heat Transfer.
Use of the "Covrad" name is intended only to identify a type of popular heat exchanger core construction which G&M manufacture using the same equipment as previously owned and used by Covrad Heat Transfer, Sir Henry Parkes Rd, Coventry CV5 6BN