Meet the team | Adrian Czupajlo

  • by David Forrest
Meet the team | Adrian Czupajlo

What is your role at G&M?

I am currently a factory Chargehand, based in our Glasgow head office. In this role, my daily duties include producing high quality product in a timeous manner. I work with a team of around 8 operators, working to achieve our daily targets.

How long have you been working for G&M ?

I started working at G&M when I was 31 years old, that was 7 years ago.

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?

What I like the most at my work is solving problems and supporting the production team whenever they need more attention for various reasons.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

CEO of a Fortune Global 500 company or a startup.
That could be any company. I would love to challenge myself and see what it's like being part of the strategic management level. I could learn how to successfully run an organization, learn more about their goals and find out about their methods of practice - also their work ethic and marketing tricks.

What did you work as before joining G&M?

Prior to starting my career with G&M, I worked as a joiner.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a career at G&M?

At first - challenge yourself. Every day is a new day with a new opportunity to learn.
Secondly - all throughout your career, brainstorm yourself and chisel out creative ideas, work towards being a better version of yourself every day by taking the constructive criticism in your stride.
Lastly - never give up.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within G&M, whose job would you want?

I think I would like to switch with the IT specialists. From my youth I was always interested in designing PC’s: hardware, software and computer networks. That is my passion and I am quite good in repairing laptops and building PC’s for home usage.

What is your proudest moment at G&M?

We are all human beings and from time to time mistakes happens – these mistakes could be costly sometimes… Thanks to my skills and patience, I'm able to identify and fix problems before they happen.

Do you have an office nickname? What is it?

Some people call me Adi.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my free time I like to read books, watching movies, ride a bike and being a support for my wife who is preparing herself to a half of marathon in the two years’ time . I also love to explore Scotland with my family.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Overall, one of my biggest pet peeves is that I really do not like being late and I do not like when people are regularly late. Time is really valuable nowadays. It does not matter if that is your work hours or free time – it is one of the resources affecting the quality of your work and life in general.

Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you:

Some might be surprised by the fact that a factory worker is quite a good chef – I like to prepare meals - I like being creative and experiment with flavours

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