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Posted on 15/12/2015 | View

Stranraer 1 : 3 Airdrieonians

Another Successful Outing

It was another successful outing for the G&M sponsored Airdrie strip as they ran out winners on the road at Stranraer on Saturday.

A well deserved but hard fought victory and the first at Stair Park since 2003.
Well done to Airdrie.

Airdrieonians Airdrie FC vs Stranraer

Posted on 09/12/2015 | View

Bearward Marine Gen-Set C9

Engine Cooling Pack Overhaul

Our service division, Glasgow Radiator, received 2 marine specification cooling modules for a complete strip and overhaul. The cooling modules were manufactured by Bearward engineering and each one consisted of three coolant sections and one intercooler section.

After cleaning and testing it was clear the cores were beyond repair and so original replacement sections were ordered from our warehouse. As G&M are an official Bearward stockist and distributor we carry a large inventory of Bearward products.

The units had been operating in an offshore environment so the frames, tank manifolds and expansion tank were sandblasted before being given a protective undercoat and then sprayed with matt black corrosion resistant paint.

The new units were assembled using new seals. The seal for the top inlet tank of the intercooler is a special design made of high temperature viton rubber with a steel strengthening strip moulded in to it. This requires the correct press tool and lubricant to ensure precise alignment and a leak free long lasting air tight seal.

After testing all that remained to do was to fit safety warning labels, blank off all connections with shipping bungs and fit a new Lev-R-Safe safety pressure cap to each expansion tank.

These units are now as good as new and ready for many more years of service.

The customer was delighted with the turn-around time and the quality of the workmanship. For more information on our range of Bearward OE products, contact us or call 0800 690 6143

Cat C9 Engine Cooling Pack Overhaul
Cat C9 Engine Cooling Pack Overhaul
Cat C9 Engine Cooling Pack Overhaul
Bearward Caterpillar C9 Engine Cooling Pack Overhaul

Posted on 20/11/2015 | View

"Finless" Charge Air Cooling for export shunters

Supplied and designed by Alutec

Supplied & designed by Alutec UK Ltd fitted in front of the sectional radiator allowing unrestricted airflow to the engine radiator.

This unit was on it`s way to work in a cement plant in the Far East and needed a full engine transplant.

The original did not support a turbo and therefore a cooler group was required, the solution is as seen fitted to the front and allowing air to the radiator cooling without restricting the flow.

Alutec supply CAC for Locomotive

Posted on 12/11/2015 | View

Aberdeen Radiators joins the G&M Radiator Group

G&M Radiator is delighted to announce the acquisition of the business of Aberdeen Radiators from Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd.

Aberdeen Radiators will continue to operate from Irvin House, Hareness Road, Altens Industrial Estate, Aberdeen, AB12 3LE

Contact Aberdeen Radiators on:
0800 690 6627

Aberdeen Radiators - G&M Radiator
Above Left; John Blake (MD, G&M Radiator), Above Right; Willie McLean (CEO, Richard Irvin)

Aberdeen Radiators - G&M Radiator

Posted on 09/11/2015 | View

Bauma, Munich, 11th - 17th April 2016

The world`s leading trade fair for construction, mining and building machinery and equipment

G&M Radiator are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at the prestigious Bauma Trade Fair in April 2016.
At 605,000 square meters, it is the world’s biggest trade show by area.

Demand for spaces is so high that all stands were taken months ago.

This premier exhibition takes place every three years and is the trade fair to show the diverse range of products and services that G&M Radiator can offer. G&M Radiator will be proudly flying the flag alongside the Construction Equipment Association in the British Pavilion, Hall B5

Come and visit us at: Hall B5, Stand 249G

G&M Radiator at Bauma 2016
Click Here to Register / Buy Tickets

Posted on 09/11/2015 | View

Bauma, Munich, 11th - 17th April 2016

The world`s leading trade fair for construction, mining and building machinery and equipment

G&M Radiator are pleased to announce we will be exhibiting at the prestigious Bauma Trade Fair in April 2016.
At 605,000 square meters, it is the world’s biggest trade show by area.

Demand for spaces is so high that all stands were taken months ago.

This premier exhibition takes place every three years and is the trade fair to show the diverse range of products and services that G&M Radiator can offer. G&M Radiator will be proudly flying the flag alongside the Construction Equipment Association in the British Pavilion, Hall B5

Come and visit us at: Hall B5, Stand 249G

Mike Hopkins Alutec G&M Radiator Mike Hopkins

Tel: 01543 226 630
E-Mail: Click to email

Posted on 12/10/2015 | View

Engine Coolant. Not just Anti-Freeze & Water - Part II

More evidence of the catastrophic effects of poorly maintained cooling systems.

These two units were returned to us leaking after only a few months in service.

Photo one shows the top tank of a Volvo Truck aluminium radiator.
The brown discolouration and deposits are an indication that the un-stable coolant is reacting with the various metals in the system and becoming corrosive - eventually causing leaks.

Photo two shows the inside of an Aston Martin radiator which has one of our heavy duty copper/brass cores in it.
As you can see, the chemicals in the coolant are solidifying on the tube plate and inside the coolant tubes. This will also be happening in all the coolant passageways in the engine block and will cause overheating and engine damage. Before this radiator was fitted, the thermostat should have been removed and the system thoroughly flushed before refilling with the manufacturers recommended coolant and de-ionised water in the correct ratio.

So, if you see these tell-tale signs in radiators returned to you as warranty claims make sure you point out to the customer what is happening and that this is evidence of incorrect coolant maintenance which invalidates any warranty.

Read Part I of this story here

Volvo Truck Wrong coolant
Aston Martin Wrong coolant
Aston Martin Wrong coolant

Posted on 08/10/2015 | View

Simple as 1 - 2 - 3D...

G&M now have a new and beneficial way of viewing many of the products on our website.

We have added a 3D interactive viewer option which allows our customers to rotate and examine our products.

This makes it much easier to visualise the unit from different angles meaning you can be sure to order the correct part.

We`ve uploaded hundreds of models already. These are just a few:
11450, 11174 11237

...and many more, wherever you see the 3D icon:
Click whenever you see this icon in our catalogue

G&M 3D product images 3d models

Posted on 30/09/2015 | View

G&M Radiator and Airdrie United Foodball Club - A Winning Combination

G&M Radiator are the official away shirt sponsor to Airdrie United Football club for the 2015/2016 Season.

It was a successful debut for the strip as Airdrie ran out 3-1 winners away to local rivals Albion Rovers with David Cox (pictured) netting Airdrie’s third goal.

Let’s hope this is a portent of things to come and Airdrie continue their winning start through the rest of the season.

G&M sponsor Airdrie United Football Club
Photo courtesy of Robert Dalzell

Posted on 16/06/2015 | View

G&M Group at Plantworx 2015

Plantworx 2015 proved to be a resounding success for the G&M Group

With visitor numbers up by almost 20% from the 2013 event, the 3 day exhibition was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the diverse range of products the G&M Group can offer to the Construction and Plant Industry.

The impressive Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and Airfield was a fitting location for the 344 exhibitors who were spread over 135,000 square meters.

The positive response from exhibitors and visitors alike will ensure Plantworx becomes a regular event in the exhibition calendar – see you there in 2017

Products & Services | Browse Catalogue | Send us your requirements

G&M Group stand at Plantworx

Plantworx at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground Airfield arial photo

Exhibiting at Plantworx

Posted on 28/05/2015 | View

Engine Coolant - It`s not just anti-freeze & water...

Getting the mixture wrong can be costly

Our repair division were asked to check a large radiator from a Perkins engine Gen-Set that had been overheating.

As it was only 18 months old the customer assumed it would just be a formality to check the radiator and eliminate it as the cause of the problem.

However, after removing the plastic tanks from the radiator it was apparent that over 50% of the coolant tubes were blocked to some extent and this was causing it to run hot risking very expensive engine and cooling system damage.

Modern long life coolants are very effective but if mixed in the wrong ratio or with a different type of incompatible coolant they can solidify causing extensive blockages of coolant passages in the heat-exchanger or engine block.

Fortunately, the engine was not damaged, and we were able to supply a cost effective replacement radiator - on the understanding that the system was completely flushed and filled with the correct coolant.

What happens if you use the wrong coolant

Perkins Gen-Set wrong coolant radiator overheating

Posted on 19/05/2015 | View

G&M keep the Last Bus running

Lastbus` Mike Bradley contacted G&M early in 2012...

His story and his dream struck a chord with us and we were happy to take the project on and ultimately manufactured two radiators as detailed. Mike keeps us up-dated with progress and we look forward to the day we can buy a ticket, hop on board and enjoy the delights of one of the Bristol Bus Company’s finest. This is his story:

"My friend Douglas had an air of panic about him as we pulled into the G&M car park that day.
The carburettor float valve had stuck open on the Reliant in which we travelled and petrol was dripping onto the exhaust manifold of a hot engine. He had yanked at the door catch but the cable parted from the release arm and he anticipated an explosion in the engine bay at any moment.
Meanwhile the G&M premises which appeared before us was not what we had expected. It was not a relic of Glasgow`s former industrial eminence from a previous age but a palace of glass and steel with the frontage of a prestigious hotel where someone might park your car for you. This tarmac was full, there were no quiet corners to coast into unobserved.
There was one space only, right outside that front entrance between a 7 series BMW and an Audi all-terrain vehicle of the Paris Dakar stable.

Read the full story...

Posted on 28/04/2015 | View

G&M Radiator - New Distribution Centre

New 11,500ft2 warehouse facility now open

G&M Radiator are pleased to announce the opening of their purpose built warehousing and distribution facility in Glasgow.

The 11,500ft2 unit has been kitted out with the latest computerised stocking and order processing systems to ensure fast and efficient handling of deliveries and customer orders.

John Blake, G&M Radiator MD comments “This is a major development for G&M which will not only ensure our global customer base get the fastest service but it also frees up valuable space in our main manufacturing plant for the new product lines which are in development.

It marks the start of an exciting period of expansion for the Company”

G&M Distribution Centre

G&M Distribution Centre

G&M Distribution Centre

Posted on 10/03/2015 | View

G&M take pole position in electric car cooling

Cooling the next generation of electric vehicles

We were recently asked by a Norwegian customer to manufacture a lightweight and compact radiator to cool the drive motor of an electric racing car.

The car was designed and built by students from a Norwegian university as part of the Formula Student Race Series. Liquid cooling is the most efficient way of keeping the motor, batteries and energy regeneration systems at the optimum temperature.

Looks like future cars will need a combination of cutting edge and traditional engineering solutions to get them moving.

G&M cooling electric racing car radiator

Posted on 06/03/2015 | View

G&M join the CEA

G&M are now members of the Construction Equipment Association

The CEA is the most influential and respected association amongst construction equipment companies and professionals and we welcome the opportunity to further extend our customer base by becoming a member.

G&M will also be exhibiting at the CEA’s Plantworx 2015 construction machinery exhibition.

View the announcement on the CEA website

G&M joins the CEA Construction Equipment Association

Posted on 05/03/2015 | View

Ferrari Mondial T Recore

G&M get a classic prancing horse back on the road

One of our customers sent us a sorry-looking radiator from a Ferrari Mondial T – a classic V8 from the 1990’s.

It had been re-cored before at some point and judging from the deposits on the tube plate the cooling system needs a good flush and then refilled with the correct coolant.

After stripping and careful cleaning the tanks were ready to be welded back to the new aluminium core.

The results speak for themselves. One happy owner all set for some summer posing.

Ferrari Mondail T V8 re-core stripping cleaning

Posted on 25/02/2015 | View

Alutec Office Refit

Alutec have recently completed a full refurbishment of their internal offices

The entire layout has been re-designed to provide a much more efficient working environment for all office staff.

A newly created Board Room gives Alutec the perfect place to meet with new and existing customers to discuss projects.

Alutec`s design office has also been updated, allowing Alutec to work on complex technical product designs.

Contact Alutec

Alutec new offices

Posted on 17/02/2015 | View

Lev-R-Safe Radiator Caps

The Thermpro Lev-R-Safe pressure caps are a new addition to the G&M Range

Designed and manufactured by Thermpro, Australia, these caps are an important step forward for the safety of vehicle operators and maintenance personnel.
The caps feature a robust metal lever and tab that prevents it being removed when the radiator is still pressurised.

G&M are delighted to be the sole European distributor of Lev-R-Safe Radiator caps.

View additional details here
Browse our range of Lev-R-Safe Radiator caps.

Lev-R-Safe Radiator Cap

Posted on 29/01/2015 | View

Rapid turnaround for Ships Generator Radiator

Enquiry to Delivery in 2 working days...

Having received an initial enquiry from Radiator Services in Norway, containing only a photo and sizes; We were able to design, construct and supply a replacement radiator core and tanks.

From start to finish we were able to compete the job and deliver the radiator back to the end customer in Norway within 2 working days. The ship was back out sailing again the following day.

"We are delighted with the result, and amazed by how quickly the G&M Group were able to turnaround this job" - Frode Kvamme, Radiator Services Norway

Find out more about our Off-Shore & Marine capabilities

G&M Cargo Ship generator

Posted on 28/01/2015 | View

Customise Our Catalogue

Found an application that's missing from the catalouge?

Now you can add it!

When you add new applications and OEM numbers to the catalogue, they'll show up next time you search.

Customise the G&M online catalogue - add applications

Posted on 23/01/2015 | View

AMPS Membership

G&M are proud to announce our membership to AMPS

AMPS is the trade association and industry voice for the UK’s world-leading diesel and gas-engine power generating sector.

You can read more about AMPS on their website @

G&M Radiator membership

Posted on 15/01/2015 | View

G&M are now on Facebook

View all our latest updates on our new Facebook page

Click here to view G&Ms new Facebook page.
Remember to Like our page to receive all the latest news and updates.

G&M on Facebook

Posted on 14/01/2015 | View


Visit G&M & Alutec at Plantworx 2015, 2nd-4th June

Plantworx is the UK`s dedicated working construction exhibition. It`s a biennial event for the construction equipment and services industry.

G&M will be exhibiting at Plantworx 2015 from 2nd-4th June 2015.
Visit us at Stand E3/4.

Download your free ticket here

G&M Radiator exhibit at Plantworx

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